B i o g r a p h y

The name Zorengue is a combination of the music styles Zouk and Merengue. But Zorengue also plays Salsa, Soca, Reggae, Disco and Top 40 music. Their versatility appears in the balanced repertoire they bring, in which the band also plays songs upon request. 

Zorengue has been founded in 1998 by singer/guitar player Purcy Watson. Since than the band has been very successful and released four video’s in 2006, “Chehra”, “Nowtoe”, “Ting foe go na doro” and “Mandy”.

The success of Zorengue appears in the many invitations they get to play at holiday parks, corporate events, weddings and fairs. 
Zorengue provides a good atmosphere and gives you a “sunny-summer-white-beach-waving-palm-trees” feeling.

Zorengue brings you the perfect music at an affordable price. Zorengue, the surprise on your party !

See you at Zorengue

The band for all your parties. Zorengue has a broad variety of songs that appeal
to people of all ages. Zorengue is swinging, exotic, attractive and affordable
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